Pendergast, An Arizona Legacy, Jan Brewer on Behavior Health

Pendergast: An Arizona Legacy, was the highlight video created for the Maricopa Integrated Health Systems, thirteenth annual Copa Ball, a fundraising event. The Pendergast Family have made significant contributions to the valley of the sun. For four generation's, the Pendergast family have looked at the needs of our community and made great effort to invest in our collective future. From their early years settling the west valley as farmers and securing a livelihood for the Roosevelt Dam, to helping build and maintain the Pendergast schools today in the Glendale area, the Pendergast are truly remarkable.

Jan Brewer on Behavior Health was a video added on to the project right before the event when we realized she could not attend the event. The former governor of Arizona was gracious with her time and met with us to briefly film the spot which was used during the events presentation.