David Wright House

#Preserve #Celebrate #Inspire


The mission of the David and Glady's Wright House Foundation is to restore and maintain the David Wright House and grounds, to celebrate the artistic legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright at the site of one of his most unique and architecturally significant houses through tours, educational programs, exhibitions, lectures, research facilities, events and performances, and to inspire creativity in future generations of artists and architects. 

The Foundation aims to Celebrate Wright's last residential masterpiece, Preserve the artistic legacy of Mr. Wright, and Inspire future generations.

Digital Preserve began working with the David and Glady's Wright House Foundation in 2014, producing the first three videos, Preserve, Celebrate, Inspire, as part of the significant public campaign to gain the community support the foundation needs to sustain this culturally landmark. Since that time we have continued to be their dedicated video team documenting and producing a wide range meaningful content that supports the foundation’s vision, and honors the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright's master work. Below are some examples of the work we are crafting.



How to Live in the Southwest

How to Live in the Southwest is a short documentary about the history of the David and Glady's Wright House. The title is also the name of the plans  for the home, designed in 1950 and built in 1952. The short film follows the story of how David Wright Commissioned his father to design this house for the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. The film is also a virtual historical tour of the David Wright House, Phoenix Arizona, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's last residential Masterpieces.

Celebrate Preserve Inspire

Celebrate, Preserve, and Inspire were the first three videos we created for the campaign in 2014. These stories helped establish the ongoing public campaign for support.