International Model and Talent Association New York Convention, 2017


The International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) is the place where the world’s top model and talent agents, managers and casting directors come to find new faces. IMTA offers unique performance and educational opportunities for aspiring models, actors, singers, dancers and songwriters to showcase their skills and learn from the industry professionals who can get their career started. with over 3,000 in attendance this year. 

Digital Preserve took on the job to creatively document the information sessions, competitions, and all the events that took place at the Hyatt in Midtown, NY.

One of the main tasks we took on was to deliver daily content for IMTA's social media. Being able to deliverDigital Deserve team delivered daily social media content highlighting IMTA's activities. We were on task and had a great time working together on project. The videos below are the social media deliverables we created for IMTA during the event.