Digital Preserve
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Our Process

Listen and learn: We listen to our clients and we work to grow a partnership, understanding their needs, messaging and stories. We research, form a strong foundation and develop and in-depth production plan. 

We Produce With Integrity:  We work with talented hardworking people. We are passionate about the work we are creating and believe in building trust with our clients from the moment we start. We own and operate quality gear and if we don't have it in-house, most likely one of our collaborators does.

We Deliver Above and Beyond: We offer a production plan, a working draft of deliverables, and a complete outline and schedule of what to expect. We provide a full video and audio edit from start to finish. Including: workflow management, color corrections, color grading, moving  graphics, etc. We can also design sound for your project and build custom animations, master all audio, and manage all licensing fees.


Steven J. Yazzie: Co-Founder, Artist, Producer, Director

Steven J. Yazzie is a multidisciplinary artist, producer and director. Yazzie has been a working contemporary visual artist for more than 20 years in the fields of painting, video installation, and socially driven collaborations. Today he merges his experience in the visual arts as the conduit and creative foundation for developing new media content for commercial projects. Yazzie is producer for Digital Preserve, working with collaborators and clients to cultivate successful results. 


Eileen O. Yazzie: Co-founder, Producer

Eileen O. Yazzie brings interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of strategic planning with a focus is on business development, budget management and professional effective communication with clients.  She also shares a role in project conceptions and implementation.

Some of our Collaborators

Kait Waldo: Assistant Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

Kait Waldo is assistant producer for many of DigitraL Preserve projects. She effectively coordinates with collaborators, and organizes  production plans. She is also a camera operator and is efficient in post-production workflows. Kait’s videos and photos are currently being used for numerous social media campaigns, billboard advertisements, and a nationally aired TV commercials.

Jon Jenkins: Director of Cinematography, Camera Operator, Producer, Visual Instigator

Jenkins has primarily worked as Director of Photography, and Cam operator for Digital Preserve. Jenkins has produced short documentaries, music videos, commercials and his work builds on years of low-fi cinematic techniques (dirt-style) to achieve high quality results. Jenkins conveys the power of human emotion and stunning visual brilliance through his effective use of imagery and storytelling methods.  

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Mark Gabriel Laos: Designer, Animator, Visionary  

Mark is a virtual reality and animation designer passionate about giving our work a greater dimension. He's a contemporary designer and has a keen sense for trending visual styles of all kinds.  He is a true collaborator and takes time to learn about the subtleties and complexities of each project and translates them into their simplest forms that help share a an idea or tell a better story.

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Francisco Flores Pizano: Interdisciplinary Scholar, Artist, Editor and Sound Engineer

Flores is known as an interactive multimedia digital artist and brings his knowledge and tech-savy editing skills, and conceptual consultations to the Digital Preserve Team.  Flores is affiliated with Epic effects and the Cultural Arts Coalition from Phoenix Arizona. He works with artists and activists using technology and art to engage with the narrative of sustainable living in urban spaces.

Clay Hawkins (Vision Guild): Musician, Sound designer, Producer  

Hawkins is an accomplished California based musician, engineer, and producer with 20 years experience in the industry. He is the director of Visionguild, a multimedia music studio and project focused on bringing talented musicians together to create music for a variety of media platforms. Currently Hawkins is a songwriter for InDIgi Music, and recently composed the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, "Ocean Drive". In his spare time he also coordinates radio programming for KMEC radio in Mendocino California. 

Jonathan Bond: Writer, Story Consultant, Assistant Editor

 Bond is a prolific and versatile writer who has been working at his craft for thirty years including work for the stage and screen as well as artwork created from or incorporating text. His music writing has been widely published and he has also published poetry, creative non-fiction and essays. He is busy at work on a long novel and is attempting to perfect the short story, all while honoring the stream of poetry that has flowed through him since his youth.