Project: Pepsi Crop Circle

Client: Urban Plough,Mekanism, Pepsi

Two weeks before Super Bowl XLIX, local Arizona artist Matthew Moore approached us to help document the process and and creation of creating a Pepsi Logo in a field of rye grass and deliver daily footage to Mekanism, a NY ad agency working for Pepsi. The final design was roughly the diameter of a football field (360') and carved into completion mostly using weed eaters. Most of the footage we handed off to the the client we saw little of so we decided to script our own story and create something new. While this was not part of the campaign, we still think its pretty cool.


Project: Jeffery Gibson video project, "obto"

Client: Jeffrey Gibson and the Denver Art Museum

Digital Preserve was invited by the Denver Art Museum to join artist Jeffery Gibson on a his artist in residence to help develop the film  project, "one becomes the other". Steven J. Yazzie of Digital Preserve served as Director of cinematography on the project. We want to thank Jefferey Gibson and The Denver Art Museum for the amazing opportunity and to some of the incredible people who made it possible: Derek Brown, Tashina Three Sticks for working,  John P. Lukavic, Jenna Madison, Maddie Samuel, Adam Wesley Lancaster, Polly Nordstrand, and the DAM staff for supporting such an ambitious project. AND of course the performers who took part - Lee Plenty Wolf, Sun Rose Iron Shell, Pearl Ironshell, Sarah Ortegon, Savanna Francis, Carla Birdshead, Cheyenne Birdshead, John Emhoolah, among many others.

Above you can view the trailer for the project above, and an excerpt from the longer film.