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Digital Preserve LLC is a collaborative commercial video production company co-founded and directed by Steven J. Yazzie. We formed in 2014 around the idea of bringing innovative experts together, to leverage our collective creative diversity in the world of digital film and video production. We customize our team approach and put together the most talented individuals for each project.



Digital Preserve was formed around 2014 and we began working with: artists, museums and cultural institutions producing experimental films, short-form documentaries, artist/community profiles, and a range of social media content for marketing, fundraising, and brand awareness. Today we continue to provide services for a growing client base including: the David Wright House Foundation, School of Architecture at Taliesen, International Model and Talent Association, Heard Museum, City of Phoenix, Scottsdale Public Art, HighGround Public Relations, and many others.

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Listen and learn: We listen to our clients and we work to grow a partnership, understanding their needs, messaging and stories. We research, form a strong foundation and develop and in-depth production plan. 

We Produce With Integrity:  We work with talented hardworking people. We are passionate about the work we are creating and believe in building trust with our clients from the moment we start. We own and operate quality gear and if we don't have it in-house, most likely one of our collaborators does.

We Deliver Above and Beyond: We offer a production plan, a working draft of deliverables, and a complete outline and schedule of what to expect. We provide a full video and audio edit from start to finish. Including: workflow management, color corrections, color grading, moving  graphics, etc. We can also design sound for your project and build custom animations, master all audio, and manage all licensing fees.


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